The event is in gear toward students in prom

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The event is in gear toward students "in want," however Kane notes promenade expenses buy homecoming dresses will even strain households creating six figures a year.

"How does one afford the promenade dress, the hair and also the makeup, the tanning? The price tag is $100 to $150," she said.

Working in cooperation with the Boys Club of Atlantic City, the trouble is on its third year. Kane was a volunteer for an identical however smaller operation a few years agone, and reintroduced the project once she detected of a neighborhood lady in want of a bridesmaid dresses .

"In the last 2 years we've given away over one,000 dresses," she said. "Basically all the volunteers need 3 days. the ladies area unit therefore grateful, the fogeys area unit therefore grateful."

Kensington furnishings, that donates their area for the event, has served as a storage unit for the given cheap bridesmaid dresses , that are available throughout the year from people and retailers.By here welcome!